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Home - MetaCollection of CGI, PHP, Perl related script archives and resources

German Archives

The German speaking population in Europe counts approximately 100 millions and the online population is estimated at 50%. There is an active webmaster scene and PHP is the dominant scripting language.

To sell scripts on the non-English speaking market it is recommended to translate at least parts of the software. At the lowest level you should provide a translated user interface. The next step would be to translate the documentation and setup information. At last you should translate your website. That is often a requirement to get into the script archives. Let the users also know in which language you will give support.

If you are considering to join the German market and need a translation service, feel free to » contact us.

A directory of PHP and Perl/CGI script resources.

Dynamic Web Pages
A script archive and information website for PHP scripting. There is also a message board, a download area for PHP manuals and the latest PHP versions, and a category that lists providers of free web hosting and its features.

Easy PHP
Script archive for PHP resources.

A directory for ASP, C, C++, CFML, Flash, Java, JavaScript, Perl, PHP, Python, XML, remotely hosted scripts and source code. Compared to the larger HotScripts.com this site's performance is far below average.

Small directory for PHP, Perl and Java Scripts.

Link collection of ASP, C, C++, CFML, Flash, Java, JavaScript, Perl, PHP, of Python resources.

Link collection of Perl and PHP scripts. The directory contains a good deal of categories. As measured by the hits from that site it is one of the upper third.

PHP free
Directory for free PHP scripts.

PHP Script resource
Links to PHP, ASP, and JavaScript resources. This site is very fast with reviewing a script. It takes in most of the cases only 1 Day. It requires a back link to get approved the site. Each category has two top five lists - ranked by hits and by vote results.

PHP Total
Link directory of PHP script resources.

It is one of the larger PHP script archives.

Link directory of PHP scripts.

PHP script archive and tutorials.

Link directory of PHP script resources.

Directory for free and commercial PHP scripts. You need to provide at least a free downloadable version of your script to remain in that index.

Website that lists PHP and MySQL related scripts.

Link archive of free PHP scripts.

A directory of PHP code snippets and ready to use scripts.

Not only a script directory but one of the largest PHP information site.

One of the smaller PHP websites with a script archive.

Link archive of PHP, Perl, CGI, Java, XML, and Flash scripts.

Directory of PHP script resources. It is one of the larger script archives.

Script archive for ASP, PHP, CGI, Perl, CSS, CFML, Python, Turbo-Pascal, Visual Basic, XML, WML, DHTML, Flash, CFML, C ++, C++, Java-Script resources.

Small script archive for ASP, MySQL, C, C++, Perl, CGI, CSS, PHP, DHTML, VBScript, JavaApplets, JavaScript, and XML.

Skript Farm
One of the smaller script websites. Beside the considerable category for PHP script exist the smaller categories ASP, JavaScript, C, C++, Flash, Java, XML, tools, Perl, and tutorials.

Webmaster Park
Directory with a small amount of PHP, Perl, Java, and ASP scripts.

MC Traffic Ranking

  1. PHP Script resource
  2. PHPWelt.de
  3. PHPcenter.de
  4. PHP-Homepage.de
  5. PHP-Archiv
  6. JEX-Treme
  7. LivingScripts
  8. PHP free
  9. Dynamic Web Pages
  10. Webmaster Park

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